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Can I get class credit for the Circus?

Yes. PEM 1952 Circus Activities is a 1 credit hour class offered at the Circus Lot. In the Circus Activities class students will have the opportunity to try out several of the acts performed in our shows. Students will also learn how to rig circus equipment and the basics of tent rigging. 

Do I need to take the Circus Class to join the Circus?

No. The Circus Class and joining the Circus are not the same. To join the Circus students need to be a degree seeking student at FSU and need to come to the Circus Lot during the first two weeks of the fall semester and fill out paperwork.

Can I get a degree in Circus?

No. Apart from the 1 credit hour Circus Activities class, the Circus is an extracurricular activity. Members of the Circus receive no scholarships or tuition breaks for their involvement with the Circus. 

When does the Circus perform?

Traditionally the Circus has a series of home show performances each spring in April. The Circus also performs in the fall at Parents' Weekend, Pow Wow, and hosts a Halloween show in October. The Circus will also travel for road shows. In the past FSU's Flying High Circus has performed in Europe, the Bahamas, Miami and many other venues.

What does the Circus do in the summer?

Summer is a very busy and exciting time for the Circus. We take between 20 — 30 students to the Callaway Gardens Resort in Pine Mountain, GA where they staff the Summer Family Adventure Program (day camp) and perform shows daily. We also host a Circus Summer Camp in Tallahassee at the Circus Lot under the Big Top. This camp runs for 8 weeks with 8-15 Circus students staffing this camp.

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